Welcome to LinkChina, a Danish company located in Copenhagen, the heart of Scandinavia. With a highly professional Chinese team, we can help our client to do the product manufacturing in China, bring the business into Chinese market as well as manage and liaise the business in China. We can also support the client in the business with the Chinese investors.


Our goal is to help Nordic entrepreneurs succeed. Your company will benefit from real-time responses, improved quality, higher efficiencies and easier communications coupled with significant financial savings.


Please contact us at: info@linkchina or call the mobile: +45 22 65 75 54.



Manufacturing in China

We have suppliers network in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing, China.

We can provide fast and low cost tooling, prototype producing as well as mass product manufacturing.

We can provide high quality spare parts (plastic, metal etc).

We can provide professional advice to your mechanical structure of the product, 3D model, 2D definition, from concept to mass production and DFM (Design For Manufacture).

Bring your business into Chinese market

We can provide professional support to the client for bringing its business and product into Chinese market.

E.g., we can help the client to do the user expereince study and research for the Chinese market. We can also do the language localization work for the client's product to fit the Chinese market.

Consultancy for your business in China

With our expertise in different domains and the strong network in both of Nordic countries and China, we can provide a tailored service to each client for the specific request for Chinese Market.

We can help the client to manage and liaise its business or project in China. By doing it, we remove the culture, language and communication barrier in the client's business.

We can provide professional advice and support for locating the appropriate vendor/supplier in China.

We can support the information collection, communication and negotiation in the business activity with the Chinese investors.